Sunday, October 5, 2008

1st Annual Southern-Fried Halloween Contest at


Kids running through the night, trick-or-treat bags in hand, churning the autumn leaves beneath their urgent feet. Folks handing out candy at their doorways -- peanut butter kisses, Smarties, and the occasional bite-sized Snickers -- to the cute little young'uns dressed like Iron Man and Hanna Montana... as well as the gangly teenagers who seem a bit too old to be out panhandling for treats. And, later on, when the porch light goes out, the tricksters appear... rolling yards, egging cars, and pushing the outhouse in the creekbed.

In celebration of All Hallows Eve, past and present, we here at Ronald are starting another tradition... our annual Southern-Fried Halloween Contest! A chance to knock on Ol' Ron's front door and luck up on some frightening goodies!
The Southern-Fried Halloween prize package will include the following items:
One copy of TANGLEWOOD (Signed)
One copy of FLESH WELDER (Signed)
One copy of BLOOD KIN (Signed)
One copy of DARK DIXIE: Tales of Southern Horror (Signed)
A rare audio disc of the UNDERTAKER'S MOON promotional excerpt
Signed Zebra cover flat and bookmarks
An RC Cola and a Moon Pie
Assorted disgusting (but edible) Halloween treats
All packed in a glow-in-the-dark Halloween bucket
That's right! One lucky winner will leave the Kelly house toting away this bucket of Halloween goodies. Just register below for your chance to get your hands on this creepy-crawly prize pack! Entries will be taken between October 1st and October 23rd. The lucky winner will be announced on October 24th and notified by email. Then their Southern-Fried Halloween Bucket will be sent by Priority Mail the following day, to arrive well before Halloween.
So take a little break this Halloween night. Curl up in your favorite armchair with some creepy books and some tasty treats, while the cute little trick-or-treaters bang away angrily at your door... then head out to roll your yard, egg your car, and shove your outhouse in the creekbed.
Many Happy Nightmares!

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