Sunday, November 9, 2008

A True Horror Story: A 7-Month-Old in a Body Cast!

We discovered Friday afternoon that our infant son, Ryan, has suffered a broken leg. My wife and I knew something wasn't quite right Thursday night when we changed his diaper and he cried out when we moved his left leg. We simply thought he'd hurt it somehow while he was playing (he's at that rambunctious age where he gets into EVERYTHING!). Friday morning, my wife asked our daycare lady about it and she remembered that our youngest daughter, Makenna, had been napping on the couch and, upon waking, stumbled and fell on Ryan, sitting down in his lap... all 37 pounds of her. We took Ryan to the pediatrician Friday afternoon, then on to X-ray, and discovered that he had suffered a spiral fracture to his left femur bone.

Late Friday evening found us heading to Nashville and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Due to the fact that he was only seven-months-old and a femur fracture is a particularly serious one, they fixed Ryan up good... with a body cast that starts just below his chest, extends down both legs, and ends at his ankles. There is a steel bar between his knees that seperate and stabilizes his legs. I must admit, he's a right pitiful sight to behold, but it hasn't dampened his spirits in the least. He's still as cheerful as ever (see the photo above). To tell you the truth, if it was me stuck in that contraption, I'd likely be in a mighty sorry and cantankerous mood!

Ryan will wear the cast for four to six week, until the fracture heals completely. Since he will require around-the-clock care, I've decided to take a family medical leave from my job to stay home and take care of him. I may get a little writing in during that time, but my main concern is to make sure that Ryan's healing process is 100% positive with no setbacks. But with the good Lord's help -- as well as the thoughts and prayers of friends and family -- I'm sure we'll get through the next month and a half just fine.


Antmusic said...

At least he looks happy, and sayin' "Who loves ya, baby!"

I am so sorry to hear about this Ronald. Thank goodness for FMLA (Family medical Leave)

Unknown said...

Oh no!! Poor kid!
In my prayers.

John Hornor said...

Hi Ronald. I met you at Hypericon.

I'm sorry to hear about your son, though he does look bubbly and quite content. I didn't understand the oft quoted "resilience of children" until my daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Like Dog-Chow during an economic downturn, it's not just for Rover anymore.

Anyway, she had to wear a harness for the first six months of her life. We we took it off, she was crawling like a champ. I'm sure your boy will be the same.