Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hell Hollow on the Horizon

For the past couple of weeks, Cemetery Dance has been mailing out advanced reading copies of my new novel, HELL HOLLOW, to reviewers and members of their Early Readers Club. It looks pretty nice, with a full-color cover and all. And it contains all 498 pages of the original novel, so it's a whopper of a book.

HELL HOLLOW was one of two novels that was scheduled to be published when Zebra Books pulled the plug on their horror line back in 1996. It would have originally seen print in 1997, which means it has been in limbo for nearly twelve years. Now it will be available to readers in a classy, limited edition hardcover from Cemetery Dance Publications, along with a lettered limited with a few extra frills, like a beautiful full-color frontispiece by cover artist, Alex McVey.

The folks at CD have told me that HELL HOLLOW will probably be released in October or November of this year. October would be perfect for me, it being the month of Halloween and the fact that I will have a short story and interview in issue #63 (the Halloween issue) of Cemetery Dance Magazine.

Any way you cut it, I hope it gets here soon. It seems like I've been to hell and back (several times) waiting for HELL HOLLOW to reach the printed page. You can pre-order your copy now at http://www.cemeterydance.com/.

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KentAllard said...

I've got my pre-order in. One of the most anticipated releases of the year for me.