Sunday, April 25, 2010

My First Western Novel, TIMBER GRAY, Now Available in Digital!

I’m pleased to announce that my first honest-to-goodness western novel, TIMBER GRAY, is now available from Crossroad Press in digital format. This full-length novel is not horror, but a traditional western, although it is gritty and violent with a dark twist to it. Here’s a short preview of what the book is about:

After his family is killed by a pack of rabid wolves, Jefferson Gray survives the horrid disease himself, with the aid of a Cherokee medicine man. But, unfortunately, he can not banish the hatred that dwells within him. An animosity toward dangerous game, particularly timber wolves.

Fifteen years have passed. Timber Gray is known throughout the western territories as a seasoned tracker and hunter: a man who can conquer any threat for the right price, be it grizzly, mountain lion, or, his specialty, wolves. But can Timber tackle his greatest challenge… a pack of fifty wolves led by the legendary Cripplefoot? Such insurmountable odds, combined with an approaching blizzard and a band of renegade bounty hunters, would seem to be certain death to most men. But, to Timber Gray, it is only another reason for staying alive…

You can order your copy of TIMBER GRAY now at:

This novel was a labor of love for Ol’ Ron, since I’m a big western fan myself and originally wanted to be a western writer. I put alot of time and research into making this book as gritty and authentic as possible (even looking up old maps from the late 1800’s to find actual locations, as well as trails and little towns that no longer exist on today’s maps). And take a gander at the grisly, blood-splattered cover Zach McCain worked up for the book!

So saddle up, load your ol’ Winchester, and head out to the blizzard-swept territory of Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains with Timber Gray! Yeee-Hah!

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