Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE MEMORY TREE... available again!

I'm pleased to pass on the good news... John R. Little's phenomenal novel, THE MEMORY TREE, is now available in a handsome paperback edition from Bad Moon Books.
As some of you may know, THE MEMORY TREE is one of my all-time favorite novels by one of my all-time favorite writers. John has a style and imagination unlike few in today's writing world and everything he produces is fresh and totally unlike anything you've read before. It was previously released in a very limited edition by Nocturne Press several years ago and, unfortunately for the reader and collector, is extremely rare and difficult to find. Kudos to Roy Robbins of Bad Moon Book for giving this book a second release in a much more accessible edition.
Incidently, I had the great pleasure and honor of writing the introduction to this new edition of TMT. This introduction was a very heartfelt one for me, dealing with tragic situations of the past and how John's novel helped me get through that tough time and find the courage to deal with one of the hardest things a father could ever face.
You can order your copy of THE MEMORY TREE at:
I encourage you to sit down and give this amazing book a read. After you finish, I'm sure it will find a place on your list of all-time favorite novels!

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