Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm pleased to announce that Bad Moon Books will be publishing print versions of my best-selling digital books, Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear-Forged Fables and Timber Gray.

Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear-Forged Fables is my second full-fledged short story collection of Southern-fried horror tales, on the heels of Cemetery Dance's Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors. The digital e-book of Cumberland Furnace, released by David Niall Wilson's Crossroad Press this past Feburary, was a collection of seven stories that were written following my return to the horror genre after an absence of ten years. The "real" book version will be greatly expanded... offering 21 stories in all, both new and old, as well as a few that were previously unpublished. In other words, Cumberland Furnace will pretty much include everything that Midnight Grinding missed the first time around.

Timber Gray is my first honest-to-goodness western novel. It is pretty traditional, but also dark and violent. Timber Gray is about a man who loses his family -- and nearly his sanity -- to an attack by a pack of rabid wolves, then, over the years, evolves into one of the most sought after wolf hunters in the western territories. He encounters a turning point in his bloody career when a cattleman hires him to hunt down and destroy a pack of fifty marauding wolves led by the legendary Cripplefoot. As he pursues them through Montana and into the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, he gradually realizes that, beneath the anger and bitterness that rules his life, there is still a human side that remains; a side he thought had died a long time ago.

Bad Moon Books will be releasing both Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear-Forged Fables and Timber Gray in affordable trade paperback editions. Publisher Roy Robbins and I are now hard at work preparing these two books for publication. As of right now, we have no definite release dates, but are hoping to make them available to the reading public by early to mid-2011. Watch for an announcement of the official release dates of these two new books in the near future, either here at Southern-Fried & Horrified, or at my website at

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