Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dark Dixie 2 & Hell Hollow Digital Two-Pack

Crossroad Press has just released my new digital story collection, Dark Dixie 2 : Tales of Southern Horror. This is a companion collection to the first Dark Dixie. DD2 is much darker in nature, wandering into shadowy places where the first book never ventured. The Southern-fried flavor is still there; from the dankness and decay of the Louisiana swamps, to the dust and sweat of Texas, and into familiar territory of my own, the mossy gloom of the Tennessee backwoods, as well as the turned earth of its furtile farmland. Creatures lurk within the pages as well. Spiders and gators, things dwelling within jars and the currents of the wind, and the abominations of Hell, let loose to run joyfully rampant in the night. Plus, it features another incredibly eerie cover by my pal, Zach McCain.
Right now, Crossroad is running a two-for-one special; both Dark Dixie 2 and my new novel, Hell Hollow, for the low price of $6.99. If you are into digital fiction or haven't yet read my brand of Dixiefied horror, this would be an excellent opportunity to get nearly 600 pages of Southern-fried fiction for a very affordable price.
You can get this Dark Dixie 2/Hell Hollow two-fer pack in a variety of digital formats at Crossroad Press now at:

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