Monday, March 14, 2011


Bad Moon Books has just put up two of my upcoming titles for pre-order.

Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear-Forged Fables is my second full-fledged short story collection. It contains 22 tales of Southern-fried fright, including several previously unpublished stories. This is the print version of the digital collection released by Crossroad Press in 2010, except greatly expanded. It also contains a section of story notes giving my thoughts on every tale in the collection.

Timber Gray is my first published western novel (if you don't include the ones I ghost-wrote for the Jake Logan series back in the early 90s). It is much darker and more violent than your run-of-the mill western, detailing a man's struggle with his intense hatred of timber wolves, as well as his battle with shadows of the past; madness, grief, and death.
These two BMB editions will be offered in trade paperback for the affordable price of $17.95 each. They both boast wonderfully intense covers by master horror artist Zack McCain.
You can pre-order your copy at the following links:
Hope y'all enjoy them!

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