Saturday, May 14, 2011

TIMBER GRAY and CUMBERLAND FURNACE... Ready to Order from Bad Moon Books!

Roy Robbins at Bad Moon Books just informed me that the trade paperback editions of both Timber Gray and Cumberland Furnace & Other Fear-Forged Fables will be available and ready to ship on May 20th!

Both of these books were previously only available in digital e-book format, but BMB has now brought them to true-book life in these slick paperback editions. Cumberland Furnace is a much-expanded edition of the seven story mini-collection, featuring 22 previously-published tales of Southern-fried horror, as well as several brand new stories. Timber Gray is my first published western novel. It is not a horror western, but is a very dark and violent tale of a wolf hunter who must deal with his hatred of timber wolves following the violent deaths of his family, as well as endure the hardships of blizzards, renegade bounty hunters, and other dangers as he tracks fifty maurading wolves across the Bighorn Mountains of northern Wyoming.

You can order your copies now at:

And be sure to keep an eye open for more news concerning upcoming Ronald Kelly/Bad Moon Books projects that are currently in the works!

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