Monday, January 27, 2014

Restless Shadows... Now Available!

My latest novel, RESTLESS SHADOWS, is now available from Thunderstorm Books.

RESTLESS SHADOWS is the long-awaited sequel to my first novel, HINDSIGHT. Cindy Ann, the nine-year-old girl with the gift of second sight, returns... this time as an elderly woman who works part-time as a police psychic. When a brutal triple-murder takes place in the old tobacco barn -- a murder almost identical to the one that took place there 78 years ago -- Cindy returns to her hometown of Coleman, Tennessee to investigate the massacre. Accompanying her is her granddaughter, Beth, who also possesses psychic abilities. Together they work to prove a young boy innocent of the crime and track down the true culprit, which the evidence indicates to be the original killer, Bully Hanson... who died violently in the winter of 1936.

RESTLESS SHADOWS has now been published as one of Thunderstorm's Black Voltage titles and is limited to 80 signed and numbered copies. It features an incredibly striking cover by horror artist Alex McVey.

Copies are going fast and Thunderstorm tells me that the print run is close to being sold-out. So head on over and grab your copy fast... before it's too late!

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