Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somewhere South of Hell: An Anthology of Southern Horror

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently in the process of editing an anthology of Southern horror tales for Full Moon Press. This collection will be titled Somewhere South of Hell and should see publication sometime in mid-2010.

Somewhere South of Hell will feature the best writers of horror and dark suspense from the South (or with strong ties to Dixie). So far the response I've recieved from interested contributors has been right encouraging. Here is a list of who I have on board so far:

Joe R. Lansdale
Brian Keene
Alan M. Clark
Alex McVey
James Newman
Deborah LeBlanc
Scott Nicholson
Bryan Smith
Elizabeth Massie
Stephen Mark Rainey
Bev Vincent
Nate Southard
Jason Brannon
John Hornor Jacobs
Mari Adkins
Joan Turner
Randy Fox
Mark Justice
Donn Gash
Ronald Kelly
Alan M. Clark and Alex McVey will be providing the artwork for this volume, and Alan will also be providing a story for the collection. At the present time, Somewhere South of Hell is closed to outside submissions, but that may change in the summer of 2009 as we grow nearer to the deadline of October 31st. I still need stories from writers originating from Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida.
My goal with this anthology is to compile the very best collection of Southern-Fried horror to see print in years. With the dark talent that I have assembled above, I think we have an excellent chance of doing just that. Keep your eyes open for updates on SSOH in the coming months!


Fran Friel said...

Ron - This sounds fantastic. Congratulations on a fantastic line-up. No doubt it will be a winner!

Hugs from CT,

KentAllard said...

This sounds absolutely great.