Friday, January 16, 2009

Thunderstorm Books To Publish "The Sick Stuff"

I'm pleased to announce that Thunderstorm Books will be publishing my mini-collection of extreme horror stories, The Sick Stuff, in April of 2009.

The Sick Stuff will be a small collection of seven short stories hailing back to my short-lived "splatter-punk" period in the early 90's, when cutting edge horror was made popular by the likes of Skipp & Spector, David Schow, and others. It will contain three previously published stories, as well as four grisly, gut-wrenching tales that are making their debut appearances in this special collection, including the much anticipated "Mojo Mama" and "The Abduction".

Publisher Paul Goblirsch and I have been secretly editing and honing this collection of "splatter-hick" stories during the past two and half months and now, finally, it is time for the big announcement! The Sick Stuff will be Thunderstorm Book's second title in their unique Elemental series. Along with the seven stories, it will contain striking cover artwork by Zach McCain, an introduction by James Newman, and a closing afterword by ol' Ron himself. The limited edition will contain the same, along with a creepy-crawly signature sheet by Zach and an additional article by Paul Little of Full Moon Press on "Collecting Ronald Kelly".

The Sick Stuff will be limited to a press run of 250 copies of the trade edition and 52 copies of the numbered limited. You may preorder your copy now at the Horror Mall at or directly from Thunderstorm Books at

A friendly word of caution to y'all... The Sick Stuff is a bit stronger and harder to stomach than my usual tales of Southern-Fried horror, so if you end up mortified, disturbed, and thoroughly disgusted... well, don't say that I didn't warn you!

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John Hornor said...

Congratulations on another big step toward completing your comeback. I've never really read "splatter-punk." I'll have to check out THE SICK STUFF. But not before I read UNDERTAKER'S MOON!