Friday, May 8, 2009

The Sick Stuff Now Shipping!

According to Paul Goblirch at Thunderstorm Books, the softcover edition of The Sick Stuff has arrived from the printer and is now ready for shipping!

The Sick Stuff is a mini collection of seven extreme horror tales that I wrote way back during the splatterpunk era of the early nineties. It contains three previously published stories (Diary, Housewarming, and Old Hacker) as well as four tales never before seen in print (Mass Appeal, Pins & Needles, The Abduction, and Mojo Mama). The softcover edition features an introduction by James Newman and cover art by Zach McCain. The Sick Stuff is #2 in Thunderstorm's Elemental Series, Nate Southerd's Just Like Hell being the first. The Elemental Series is in a small, digest-type format that would easily fit in your hip pocket or in the palm of your hand. The Sick Stuff may be small in stature, but it packs a whallop at 140 pages, each and every one dripping with depraved and disgusting delight.

The hardcover edition of The Sick Stuff, alas, was sold out several days following its announcement, so it is no longer available. It features several extras for the discerning collector, including a special creepy-crawly signature page by Zach and a special article by Paul Little of Full Moon Press titled "Collecting Ronald Kelly".

Paul expects the softcover of TSS to sell out fast, so if you haven't already ordered your copy, now would be a good time to do so. You can order directly from the publisher at or from two other sources: Horror Mall at and Cemetery Dance at

WARNING!: This tiny little book contains work that's a mite stronger and much more disgusting than Ol' Ron's normal Southern-Fried fare, so keep that in mind. I'm still the same down-home, good-natured fella... I just like to get down and dirty with the rest of 'em sometimes. Hope you enjoy it!

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