Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Southern-Fried Horror For Your Ears!

Hey folks... got a real treat for you over at Ronald Thanks to our good pal and webmaster extraordinaire, Hunter Goatley, we now have some creepy horror audio for you in our Audio & Video Section. Hunter has worked some digital magic and concocted the following aurial assaults for your eardrums!
FLESH WELDER / Finally, the full-blown recording of my Croatoan chapbook, Flesh Welder, is available to the public for the first time. This recording was commissioned by Steven Lloyd of Croatoan around the time of FW's release and was expertly performed by master voice talent Wayne June. You can now listen to the 5-part novella in its entirety.
DARK DIXIE: Tales of Southern Horror / Hunter recently digitalized and remastered my audio collection of Southern horror tales put out by Spine-Tingling Press (yes, the same one that was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Non-Musical or Spoken Recording back in 1992). This audio collection includes such old-time favorites as Miss Abigail's Delicate Condition, Yea, Though I Drive, Papa's Exile, The Cistern, and Black Harvest. This 7-part series also includes the original introduction and author bio.
UNDERTAKER'S MOON / We also have the 4-part audio excerpt of the prologue to my Irish werewolf novel, Undertaker's Moon available. This was also commissioned by Croatoan and dramatically read by Wayne June.
POD OF HORROR #52 / Now you can listen to my Pod of Horror interview with Mark Justice via the Ron Kelly website and hear my Tennessee accent in all its Southern glory! This interview included discussion about the Zebra years, my ten-year hiatus from horror, my comeback, and my upcoming work. You can listen to my interview only, or the entire Pod of Horror #52 broadcast, including Mark's interview with Clive Barker, the Call of Kalanta, book reviews, and more.
So head on over the website and download to your heart's content here:
Remember, it's absolutely FREE! Hope y'all enjoy it!

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