Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cemetery Dance Announces Midnight Grinding & Hell Hollow!

Finally, after nearly two and half years, it has finally happened! Cemetery Dance Publications has officially announced two of my books, Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors and Hell Hollow.

Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors is my first short story collection and a whopper of one to boot! 32 stories in all, this collection spans most of the short fiction of my horror writing career between 1986 and 1996. There are stories from such horror magazines of the small press's Golden Era as Deathrealm, Grue, 2 AM, Eldritch Tales, After Hours, New Blood, and Cemetery Dance. There are stories from major anthologies as well; Hot Blood, Cold Blood, Shock Rock, The Earth Strikes Back, Borderlands, and Dark At Heart. To round things out, there are three totally unpublished tales exclusive to this collection. This book includes an introduction and afterword by Ol' Ron himself and fantastically creepy cover art by master horror artist Alex McVey. Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors is now available and ready for shipping!

Hell Hollow is my first original novel to be published in thirteen years. It's a big 'un, too, weighing in at a hefty 500 pages. Hell Hollow is the story of an ancient evil, lost and forgotten, within the deep, dark depths of a backwoods basin known as Hell Hollow. When that evil is released by an escaped murderer and rapist, it returns in an abominable incarnation of Doctor Augustus Leech, a traveling medicine show man who intentionally poisoned several children of the Tennessee town of Harmony in the early 1900's. When Dr. Leech begins his campaign to exact vengeance on the residents of Harmony, four children, bored with the summer dooldrums, stumble upon his awful intentions and prepare to do battle with him. That is, only if they escape the individual nightmare worlds that Leech has subjected them to with a deck of horrible dream cards dealt straight from the hand of the Devil himself.

Hell Hollow also boasts nightmarish cover art by Alex McVey. This book is still at the printer, but should be ready for shipment in summer of 2009. It is now available for pre-order from Cemetery Dance.

Good News! Cemetery Dance is offering customers a special offer! Order one book and you will receive a $10 coupon toward a future Cemetery Dance purchase. Order both books and you will receive a coupon for a $25 credit. Sounds like a danged good deal to me!

You can take advantage of this special offer through the following link:

I reckon you don't need me to tell you that today has been a heck of an exciting day for Ol' Ron. After a dismal few days -- the kids and myself sick with the crude and myself laid off from work for an indefinite period of time -- today's events have put me back on track again. I feel like I'm on top of the world!

Hope y'all check out Midnight Grinding & Other Twilight Terrors and Hell Hollow. Honestly, I believe these two books -- nearly 1,000 pages of Southern-Fried horror -- are some of the best work I've had published so far. And I promise you, from here on out, the darkness of Dixie only gets darker and more depraved...

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Erik Williams said...

Congrants, Ron! Those are some damn fine looking books.