Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now Showing At The Horror Drive-In

I have fond memories of going to the drive-in theatre when I was a kid. Around 1965 to 1968, we would make it a Friday night tradition, heading to a particular drive-in located in West Nashville. There we'd take in a double-feature, the family turning my father's two-toned '56 Chevy into a living room on wheels. I remember seeing some good ones there -- along with some not so good ones... classics like Goldfinger, Blackbeard's Ghost, the Ghost and Mr. Chicken, among others. I remember Mama smuggling in the snacks and drinks because we couldn't afford to buy popcorn and candy at the concession stand. I also remember my brother and I changing into our jammies just before the beginning of the second feature. Most of the time, we were sound asleep before the ending credits and the slow exodus from the drive-in's exit gate.
When I decided to start writing horror fiction again, I found that the various horror message boards and forums on the internet were valuable in spreading the word about my comeback and to find out horror reader's likes and dislikes. I began to congregate on several, but found many of them to be more like unrestrained forums for political and anti-religion tyrads than for the serious discussion of horror fiction and film. Then I came across a gem of a website. Mark Sieber's Horror Drive-In.
There was something distinctly different about this forum. There was no pretentiousness or disrespect involved in any of the message board posts; no ranting and raving of folks declaring "Hey, look at the stink I can stir up!". No, this site seemed to be built upon a sturdy foundation of respect and a mutual love for the horror genre. And Mark's essays on the home page were always thought-provoking and fun to read. So I decided to make it one of my regular hang-outs in cyberspace... much like the real drive-in of my youth had been a Friday night hang-out back when I was kid.
Like alot of websites, Horror Drive-In has had its ups and downs. There was even a point a few months ago when there was the real possiblity that my favorite discussion forum would shut down, due to some personal problems in Mark's life. But the fans and supporters of HD-I rallied and, now, the website is alive and well and flourishing. Mark has recieved some excellent help keeping the Drive-In running with help from Andy Monge and, together, they have put together a brand-new feature that should bring even more fans of horror and suspense pulling through the ticket booth of Horror Drive-In... except that this feature is absolutely free to the reading public.
The Horror Drive-In Original Fiction section just started on February 9th to much anticipation and fanfare. I am very pleased and proud to be the first author to have their work appear there. My story The Final Feature is now on-line and ready for your reading pleasure (hopefully!), along with a mini-interview by Mark Sieber himself. The Final Feature is a departure for Ol' Ron; a dark comedy with a few laughs and a bit of naughtiness thrown in for good measure. I hope y'all enjoy it.
You can check it out at:
Mark and Andy will be bringing the readers even more great fiction from other established authors in the genre in the coming months, so be sure to make the Horror Drive-In a regular stop when surfing the net. Being a big fan myself, I can't wait to see who they have lined up next.
Enjoy the movie... and make sure you unhook the speaker from your car door before leaving the lot.

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Antmusic said...

You rock! That was a great story... I can't wait to read all of the re-releases and new stuff coming soon from Full Moon and Cemetery Dance, and Thunderstorm (any other places?)!