Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Masthead... Compliments of JHJ!

Hey, check out the cool masthead my good pal, John Hornor Jacobs (exclude the Jingle Heimer Schmidt, please) worked up for me.

I really like it. It has a rugged Southern feeling to it, with a touch of Old West in the font. The frying pan was partly my idea, but I suggested a sizzling skillet of eyeballs and brains. John -- an art designer by trade, and a danged good one -- went one better, adding a delicious curl of crispy bacon (yum!) and a fried egg whose yoke has expressed itself as an ominous death's head. This seems much more appropriate than my suggestion, since seeing fortunes in the albumen and yokes of eggs is old, deep magic... or so that's what John tells me.

I'm not the only one JHJ has been working his graphic magic for, though. He's been hopping around the internet like some deranged and overly-furry Easter Bunny, hatching rotten eggs into fluffy scrambled goodness of the masthead variety. Along with the Southern-Fried & Horrified blog, he's supplied cool mastheads for Kent Allard's DEAD IN THE SOUTH and A DISORDERED MIND blogs, his own THE BASTARDIZED VERSION, and Erik Williams' ANGRY PENGUINS & DRUNKEN MONKIES (isn't that a bodacious name for a blog?) among others.

Besides being a first-rate art designer, JHJ is a danged good writer of Southern horror and suspense. Just wait till you read his story "Old Dogs, New Tricks" that I accepted for my SOMEWHERE SOUTH OF HELL anthology. It's so good, it'll make you want to kick your dog (or run away from it, screaming at the top of your lungs). He's also penned a novel, SOUTHERN GODS, that I'm halfway through and thoroughly engrossed in. Some insightful publisher would be wise to search out JHJ pronto and latch onto SG... before someone even wiser beat them to the punch.

Yeah, that ol' John is a talented feller. Writer, artist, blogger, musician... you name it, he dabbles in it. Ya'll can check him out at

Thanks for the masthead, JHJ. I'd say it fits me to a tee.

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Erik Williams said...

Thanks for the mention in the post. And great masthead. John's doing the Lord's work with these creations.